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HR Administrators Worst Nightmare | Qualifying Events

HR Administrators Worst Nightmare | Qualifying Events

Problem: Do They Have An Organized Process For Managing Mid-Year Changes? In any given year, an employer is guaranteed to have to process changes due to qualifying life events. Similar to open enrollment, this process can involve forms, changes in rates, new deductibles, and more. Without a system, this process can take several hours per […]

How Can HR Departments Impress Millennial Prospects & Current Employees

How Can HR Departments Impress Millennial Prospects & Current Employees

As the largest group in the workforce, Millennials comprise a large percentage of new hires. Millennials also expect sufficient technology from their employer, because they believe that technology is key to successful performance at work. Additionally, engaging new employees is key to increasing retention and engagement. It’s important to avoid first-day stress with pre-boarding activities […]

How Are You Tracking Open Enrollment Progress?

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Problem: Are You  Tracking Enrollment Progress? Tracking enrollment progress can be a tedious, error-prone process. Many employers rely on a quarterly wage and tax report or their own Excel spreadsheet to track down employees that have incomplete or missing enrollment forms. They likely use the same report or spreadsheet to identify which employees need to […]

How much time are your employees spending on insurance forms?

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  Paperwork is complicated, especially in the context of benefits. When it’s time for enrollment, an employer must determine which employee is eligible for which plans, and distribute the proper forms. Then, the employee has to complete, sign, and submit the forms, in addition to verifying that each field is correct. This causes plenty of […]

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