How Can HR Departments Impress Millennial Prospects & Current Employees

As the largest group in the workforce, Millennials comprise a large percentage of new hires. Millennials also expect sufficient technology from their employer, because they believe that technology is key to successful performance at work. Additionally, engaging new employees is key to increasing retention and engagement. It’s important to avoid first-day stress with pre-boarding activities designed to help new hires start on the right foot. A system that makes it easy for employees to onboard, enroll in benefits, see costs, and feel engaged will help to display the sophistication and efficiency of an employer’s HR program.

The Ease by Maxwell Agency Solution

Ease enables new employees to enroll in benefits online. They can see the cost per pay period for each plan they are eligible for, as well as view side-by-side comparisons, informational videos, and digital brochures about plans they are considering. Additionally, they can log in to Ease from anywhere, at any time, and view a detailed benefits summary. An iOS and Android mobile app allows employees to quickly access plan information, details, and policy numbers from any location.

Employers can use Ease to initiate pre-boarding activities the second an offer is made. Through the Offer Letter feature, employers can send applicants offer letters with custom details like salary, company policies, start date, and eligible benefits. This enables applicants to view all of the components of their offer in one go. If they do accept, the employer can prompt them to begin onboarding and benefits enrollment right away.

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