Top Five Things HR Departments Can Do To Ensure A Successful Open Enrollment

Few things strike fear into an HR Adminstors heart more than the thought of open enrollment.

The Problem

Let’s be honest….Open Enrollment is tough on everyone involved. Humans by nature don’t love change, so the thought of gathering once a year to learn about the multiple changes coming to their health insurance plan is on par with visiting the dentist for most people.

If you are an HR Administrator looking to host an awesome Open Enrollment this year, we have identified 5 items that can help.

Top 5 Helpful Tips

  1. Feed your staff!  Open Enrollments can be the exception to the old adage of “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  Fed employees are happy employees, and we have found that hosting Open Enrollments in conjunction with a free lunch makes everyone look forward to the occasion.
  2. Have plenty of enrollment support. Employees attend these meetings to learn about changes and have their questions answered. Make sure to have plenty of benefit counselors on site (bilingual if needed) to get this accomplished quickly. No one likes waiting around to try to understand insurance.
  3. Streamline the process by utilizing HR technology. Paper forms are soooo 20th century, and no one wants to flashback to their third grade teacher telling them to “be sure to print neatly.”  Skip that trauma by using an online enrollment platform to import data from payroll, which allows employees to simply review their profile and select their benefits with just a few clicks.  With trained bilingual enrollment counselors this can easily be accomplished in a shop environment where employees don’t have computer access.
  4. Provide your employees with enrollment summaries after they have completed their Open Enrollment process. Let’s be honest, Open Enrollment is confusing for most people and the options can be overwhelming.  Providing a summary after their enrollment is complete gives employees something to look back on when their spouse asks if they changed anything.
  5. Last but not least…..try and have fun!  After all, you’re providing a service that your employees are grateful for.   Just because the world of insurance is dry doesn’t mean your Open Enrollment has to be!  Contests, quizzes, and gift cards can all make a seemingly stale topic way more exciting.


Bottom line…. an awesome employee benefits broker should already be taking care of these items for you, which will make your HR department look like all-stars. If you’re thinking you should forward this to your current broker, maybe you should reach out to us.  Our team is more than happy to discuss your benefit options and excited to make your Open Enrollment awesome!

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