How much time are your employees spending on insurance forms?


Paperwork is complicated, especially in the context of benefits. When it’s time for enrollment, an employer must determine which employee is eligible for which plans, and distribute the proper forms. Then, the employee has to complete, sign, and submit the forms, in addition to verifying that each field is correct. This causes plenty of back-and-forth between the employer and employee in terms of correcting fields and identifying missing information. Only once this information is finalized can the employer submit the forms. In addition, employers need to securely store all of this information for each employee. This entire process requires a great amount of time and labor from an employer during open enrollment, and when onboarding new employees.

The Solution
Employers do not spend as much time on insurance forms when using Ease by Maxwell Agency. In fact, for a group of 50 employees, employers decrease the time they spend on forms by 84%. This is because Ease maps employee information directly to carrier forms and is rules-based, which validates data entered to avoid incorrect and missing information. This means that when an employee completes an insurance form, plenty of their information is auto-populated and fields cannot be left incomplete. If a signature is required, the employee can e-sign forms in Ease using their mouse or finger. Additionally, all data can be securely stored in Ease.

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