FMLA and Employee Benefits

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While employees are on FMLA leave, health insurance coverage will continue as if the employees were not on leave. Employees are responsible for their portion of the medical insurance premium cost, if any. Failure to pay the employee portion of the health insurance premiums in advance (or on the schedule established by the payroll department) may result in the termination of coverage. If eligible, the employee will receive notification of continuation of benefits.

The Company reserves the right to seek reimbursement from the employee for the medical insurance premiums paid by the Company while the employee was on FMLA leave if the employee fails to return from FMLA. The Company will not seek reimbursement if the failure to return is due to continuation, recurrence, or onset of a serious health condition of the employee or the employee’s family member that would otherwise qualify for FMLA leave, or other circumstances beyond the employee’s control.

The Company will not interfere with an employee’s FMLA rights or retaliate against them for using or trying to use FMLA leave, opposing any practice made unlawful by the FMLA, or being involved in any proceeding under or related to the FMLA.

Employees who believe they have not received the benefits to which they are entitled under FMLA are strongly encouraged to speak to another member of management or Human Resources for clarification or resolution. Failing that, an employee is able to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, or may bring a private action. FMLA does not affect any federal or state law prohibiting discrimination or supersede any state or local law or collective bargaining agreement that provides greater family or medical leave rights.


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